A Big Weather Change Will Send Temperatures In Much Of The US To Brutal Highs

A surge of July-like heat is ushering in the hottest conditions of the year so far to the central and eastern US as a major pattern change unfolds.

Daily high temperatures will surge up to 15 degrees above what’s typical for June through at least Saturday and threaten dozens of daily high temperature records as sweltering heat in place over the West expands east.

And the heat isn’t dropping by for a quick visit, even if it ebbs in some places. There are signs it’ll stick around for the long haul as a predicted hot summer kicks into gear.

Parts of the West have been baking since a stifling heat dome set up over the region last week. Now, some of that heat and an additional push of hot air from Mexico are enveloping more of the US as the jet stream – a river of fast-moving air in the upper atmosphere that separates warm air from cold air – slowly shifts north over the central and eastern states.

Heat will ramp up Thursday from the Plains to the East Coast, marking a considerable change from seasonably cool conditions earlier in the week.

Highs in the upper 80s and 90s will be common from the Plains and Midwest to the Southeast, Ohio Valley and mid-Atlantic. Several cities will experience the warmest day of the year so far Thursday, but temperatures will be short of record levels.

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