A Dad’s Deathbed Confession: I’m A Fugitive In A Notorious 1969 Bank Heist

Thomas Randele and Ashley Randele (Ashley Randele)
  • It has been two years since Ashley Randele learned her father was not just a loving suburban dad who sold luxury cars, but also a wanted fugitive who pulled off a notorious bank heist in 1969 and got away with it.
  • Thomas Conrad died in May 2021, less than two months after revealing a 50-year-old secret to his daughter Ashley, who is now sharing her journey to understanding the man she thought she knew.
  • On Friday, July 11, 1969, a day after Conrad turned 20 years old, he left his job at Security National Bank with $215,000 in cash (about $1.7 million in today’s money) that he stole from the vault. Then he vanished.