Adam Kinzinger UNLOADS On “Piece Of Sh*t” Kevin McCarthy Over Santos Defense

Kinzinger is definitely earning that CNN paycheck!

  • Former Congressman Adam Kinzinger spared no words when it came to House Speaker Kevin McCarthy in an interview with Bulwark about McCarthy’s defense of embattled NY Rep. George Santos.
  • “Kevin’s a piece of sh*t. And let’s just be honest about this, because he will say whatever he needs to say to stay in power. I’m not even saying that gratuitously to be mean to him. It’s just a fact,” Kinzinger said.
  • Kinzinger also said McCarthy is defending Santos because Republicans hold such a slim majority in the house. “Kevin needs his vote. If this was a 20 vote majority, he’d throw Santos under the bus, but it’s a five-vote so he needs him,” he said.
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