AirTags Stalkings, Thefts Soar: What You Need To Know

  • Strange chirping sounds and alerts on iPhones have put some Americans on high alert over the last year and a half as they try to figure out why an unknown device is tracking their every move.
  • It’s one of the latest crime trends that tech-savvy criminals are using to carry out car thefts and stalkings, which has pushed police departments across the nation to warn residents to watch out for the new tactic.
  • “In a traditional stalking case, typically you have people who are making contact or unwanted contact with a victim, repeatedly,” Dearborn, Michigan, police Sgt. James Isaacs told Fox 2 earlier this year.
  • “They’re following them where they work, where they go to school, where they are going to eat. Using the AirTag is just another way for them to do that in a more surreptitious way.”
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