Netanyahu Swiftly Fires Defense Minister For Saying Court Uproar A National Security Risk

Israeli border police officers prevent protesters from blocking a highway during a rally against the government's plans to overhaul the country's legal system, in Tel Aviv, Israel, Saturday, Jan. 14, 2023. Tens of thousands of Israelis have gathered in central Tel Aviv to protest plans by Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's new government to overhaul the country's legal system and weaken the Supreme Court. (AP Photo/Oded Balilty)
  • Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu on Sunday dismissed Defense Minister Yoav Gallant, who criticized his government’s planned judicial reform.
  • The proposed judicial reform has resulted in mass demonstrations and some military protests, in what Gallant called a “clear, immediate and tangible threat to the security of the country.”
  • The coalition government plans to pass the controversial judicial reform plan this week. The plan would give elected officials more power in picking Supreme Court justices, lower the justice retirement age to 67 and allow the Knesset to override court decisions with a simple majority.