Animals Falling Sick, Dying Near Hellish Site, Locals Claim

  • Animals are falling sick or dying near the train derailment and chemical fire in East Palestine, Ohio, according to widespread reports, which has sparked fears of more widespread impacts.
  • Taylor Holzer, owner of a farm just outside the evacuation zone near the fire, told WKBN that several animals that he keeps on his property became ill. Some developed a range of symptoms, including liquid diarrhea and puffy faces.
  • “Out of nowhere, he just started coughing really hard, just shut down, and he had liquid diarrhea and just went very fast,” Holzer told the outlet of one of his animals.
  • “Smoke and chemicals from the train, that’s the only thing that can cause it, because it doesn’t just happen out of nowhere,” he added. “The chemicals that we’re being told are safe in the air, that’s definitely not safe for the animals … or people.”