‘Apologize’: Pence Calls Out Trump For Ye, Fuentes Dinner

Trump White House Vice President Mike Pence said Monday that former President Donald Trump should “apologize” for hosting white nationalist Nick Fuentes and rapper Ye to his Mar-a-Lago estate.

  • “I think the president demonstrated profoundly poor judgement in giving those those individuals a seat at the table,” Pence said on the NewsNation cable TV station. “I think he should apologize for it, he should denounce them without qualification.”
  • However, Pence also said he does not “believe” Trump is anti-semitic or bigoted, pointing to his daughter, Ivanka, who converted to Judaism upon marrying Jared Kushner. Their children, Trump’s grandchildren, are all part of the Jewish faith.
  • Pence was less clear on whether having Ye and Fuentes would disqualify Trump, a potential 2024 presidential rival, from competing in that race.