Arizona Republicans Pushing To Impeach State AG

Kris Mayes

A group of Republicans in the Arizona House are recommending the impeachment of Democratic Attorney General Kris Mayes over what they call “malfeasance in office.”

The House Ad Hoc Committee on Executive Oversight released a report Wednesday that recommended the state legislature use its powers to impeach Mayes for abusing her authority. The committee met twice over the past few weeks before the recommendation for impeachment was made, according to the Arizona Republic.

“Based on Attorney General Mayes’ abuse of power, neglect of duty, and malfeasance in office, the Committee finds that Attorney General Mayes has committed impeachable offenses,” according to the report. “The Committee therefore recommends the House adopt a resolution impeaching Attorney General Kris Mayes and appointing a board of managers to prosecute her at a Senate trial.”

The report outlines six reasons for Mayes’s impeachment, including a warning against an Arizona county counting ballots by hand, town halls she held regarding water resources and nuisance lawsuits, and a consumer alert she issued about healthcare clinics that made it seem as if abortion services were provided when they actually aimed to convince those seeking abortions not to go through with the procedure.

The committee was created this March to “scrutinize” Mayes and “other state officials” but has only investigated Mayes so far. Mayes told the Arizona Republic the report was a “sham” and “absurd,” saying it was politically motivated.

“It’s not going to disrupt the way I do my job, which is to protect the people of Arizona and tackle the real issues they’re facing,” Mayes said.

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