Attorneys Stop Representing A Utah Mom Accused Of Killing Her Husband

A team of attorneys has withdrawn from representing a Utah mother accused of killing her husband with fentanyl then publishing a children’s book about loss and grief.

Why Kouri Richins’ private attorneys withdrew from the case was unclear; they cited only an “irreconcilable and nonwaivable situation” in a court filing asking to leave. Utah district court Judge Richard Mrazik in Salt Lake City granted the request after a closed hearing Monday.

The move could slow the case against Richins, who has been adamant in maintaining her innocence. No new attorney had stepped forward to represent her as of Tuesday.

Richins, 33, is accused of killing her husband, Eric Richins, with a lethal dose of fentanyl in a Moscow mule cocktail she made for him at their home near Park City in March 2022. Additional charges filed in March accuse Richins of trying to poison him with fentanyl in a sandwich a month earlier.

Prosecutors accuse Richins of making secret financial arrangements and buying the illegal drug as her husband began to harbor suspicions about her.

After her husband’s death, Richins self-published an illustrated storybook about a father with angel wings watching over his young son titled, “Are You With Me?” The mother of three has repeatedly called her husband’s death unexpected and many praised the book for helping children through the loss of a close relative.

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