Austrian Airlines Plane Badly Damaged During Flight In Hail Storm

An Austrian Airlines airplane’s nose and cockpit windows were severely damaged by hail during a flight from Spain to Austria after encountering a thunderstorm cell, officials say.

Flight OS434 from Palma de Mallorca, Spain, to Vienna on Sunday encountered a thunderstorm cell during approach to its destination.

The cockpit crew said the cell wasn’t visible on the weather radar and a Mayday distress call was made, Austrian Airlines said.

The plane was able to land safety at Vienna International Airport and all passengers were unharmed by the turbulent weather, the airline said.

The airline said its technical team “is already tasked with assessing the specific damage to the aircraft” — which was an Airbus A320.

The hail damaged the two front cockpit windows, the aircraft nose and some coverings. Photos shared on social media showed severe damage to the front of the plane, with coverings stripped off the nose of the plane.

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