Barack Obama Says Michelle Told Their Daughters To Avoid A Career In Politics

If Malia or Sasha Obama ever became president, who would be the better leader?

At a star-studded fundraiser for President Joe Biden in Los Angeles on Saturday, former President Barack Obama was posed the question and revealed whether his beloved daughters would ever follow in their father’s footsteps into politics.

“That is a question I do not need to answer because [former first lady] Michelle [Obama] drilled into them so early that you would be crazy to go into politics. It will never happen,” the 62-year-old dad of two said.

“They’re powerful young women,” Biden added, saying that some of his grandchildren are close friends with the Obama sisters.

Malia Obama, the eldest of the two siblings, is pursuing a screenwriting and directing career. The 25-year-old made her red carpet debut at the 2024 Sundance Film Festival earlier this year in January, where she presented her short film, “The Heart.”

Younger sister Sasha Obama graduated from the University of Southern California in May 2023 and turned 23 a week ago. To mark the milestone, proud mom Michelle Obama celebrated her with a special birthday tribute on Instagram.