Battleground States More Concerned About Inflation Than Abortion: Poll

Gas prices are seen at a gas station in Riverwoods, Ill., Monday, April 1, 2024. On Wednesday, April 10, 2024, the Labor Department issues its report on inflation at the consumer level in March. (AP Photo/Nam Y. Huh)

The cost of living defines the 2024 presidential election, with voters in battleground states favoring former President Donald Trump and prioritizing the economy over abortion — Democrat President Joe Biden’s top campaign issue — a new survey found.

The Swing State Project report released on Friday, a collaboration between the Cook Political Report, GS Strategy Group (a Republican polling firm), and BSG (a Democratic polling firm), found that the state of the economy ultimately outweighs the nation’s shifting abortion landscape going into November. The project surveyed 3,969 voters in seven battleground states from May 6 to May 13.

“Right now, this election is about President Biden’s economic record and America’s economic future,” said GS Strategies President Greg Strimple. “When it comes to who voters trust to move the economy forward, Trump is in the driver’s seat.”

The survey found that while abortion is still a galvanizing issue for Democrats, “Biden’s advantage on the issue isn’t strong enough to offset Trump’s overall strength on bringing down the cost of living.”

“Voters clearly recognize the huge steps backward a Trump presidency might bring – they are pessimistic about what he could do to abortion rights, progress on climate change, and even failing to protect Medicare and Social Security,” Lindsay Vermeyen, partner at BSG, said. “And yet, their economic frustrations are enough to override all that.”

When voters were questioned about which worried them more, Biden setting economic policy, or Trump setting abortion policy, 55 percent say they are more concerned about Biden’s handling of the economy than Trump’s potential abortion policies (45 percent). Democrats and college-educated women were the only demographic groups who are more concerned about Trump’s abortion policies than Biden’s economic policies, the survey found.

Battleground state voters are also more concerned about Biden setting immigration policy (53 percent) than Trump setting abortion policy (47 percent).

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