Biden’s Ex-Disinformation Chief Says She Was Told To ‘Be As Vague As Possible’

Biden's Ex-Disinformation Chief Says Biden Admin Frowned On Transparency

Nina Jankowicz, the former face of the short-lived Disinformation Governance Board, revealed to Congress that the Department of Homeland Security was intentionally opaque in the face of overwhelming criticism that led to the board’s collapse.

Jankowicz spoke to lawmakers during a deposition about the department’s internal decisions to address widespread concerns about the floundering board. The deposition took place last April, but after it was broached during a hearing this week, House Judiciary Committee members agreed to release a transcript of it on Friday.

Jankowicz said during the closed-door interview that her superiors prohibited her from taking a transparent approach when she repeatedly asked to give on-the-record details about the board.

“The guidance from up above was that we were to be as vague as possible, which I found very frustrating,” Jankowicz said.

She said she directly received the guidance from her colleague Jen Daskal, a lawyer and co-chair of the board, but that she believed the instruction “was coming from elsewhere in the building.”

Jankowicz served as executive director of the disinformation board for just over two months, from March to May 2022, but she resigned amid intense backlash from Republicans who were skeptical of the board’s impartiality and accused it of seeking to censor right-leaning viewpoints. DHS dissolved the board soon after Jankowicz’s exit.

Jankowicz was outspoken after her resignation about how DHS had, in her view, botched the rollout of the board and failed to address criticisms. She went further in her deposition, however, saying that in addition to actively suppressing details about the board, she also felt DHS abandoned her and let her serve as a scapegoat.

“I do believe I was thrown under the bus to some degree,” Jankowicz said. “I believe DHS made the calculation that it was easier to let the work be undermined than steal themselves and get on with something that they thought was important.”

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