Behind The Scenes, Big Money Strikes Deal To Help McCarthy

Beyond negotiations over such Capitol Hills matters as procedure and spending between House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and about 20 of the conference's most conservative members of his conference to help him become speaker, Washington's donor class in also trying to strike a deal.

  • The Congressional Leadership Fund, a McCarthy-aligned leadership PAC, on Wednesday night struck a deal with the powerful conservative group Club for Growth – agreeing not to spend in contested GOP primary races.
  • The move is a considered a big concession by McCarthy to those holding out to vote for him as speaker, considering how the chamber’s top Republican wants to help handpick candidates who can defeat Democrats in General Elections and serve well in Congress.
  • “Kevin McCarthy has effectively led House Republicans from the Minority to the Majority and we want to see him continue to lead the party,” said CLF President Dan Conston. “CLF will not spend in any open-seat primaries in safe Republican districts and CLF will not grant resources to other super PAC’s to do so. CLF has never spent a dollar against a Republican incumbent before and obviously will continue that policy in the future.”