Biden: $7B For 7 Electric Vehicle Charging Stations

Electric Vehicle charging (Ernest Ojeh for Unsplash)

Presidentish Joe Biden’s trillion-dollar “infrastructure” law (that spent just nine cents on the dollar for actual infrastructure — and even that is questionable, as you’re about to see) included $7.5 billion in subsidies for a network of 500,000 EV charging stations by 2030, less than six years from now. Way back in December, I reported that exactly none had been built.

But these things move at the speed of government, so it was just eleven days later that I had to issue a semi-correction because one — count’em, one — charging station was finally in operation. Located near a freeway in London, Ohio, it appears to be little used.

Well, here we are, just five months later, and I’m here to report that Biden’s EV charging station program has become a smashing success. According to an article in Monday’s Oil Price, we’re now up to seven spread across four states.

That comes out to an average of about one billion dollars per station. Not that they really cost that much, of course, but my ridiculous averaging is still a lot less ridiculous than Biden’s so-called Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act.

My back-of-the-envelope math also indicates that building seven stations every two years will get us to Biden’s goal of 500,000 no later than the year 144,881 AD. Assuming we’re still using AD by then. 2030 doesn’t seem that far away now, does it?

“Missed it by THAT much,” as they say.

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