Biden Doing His Best Sgt. Schultz Feign, ‘I Know Nothing!’

RCP’s Phil Wegmann writes:

  • In the White House telling, President Biden knows little, which is exactly what his lawyers want.
  • In Mexico City last week, when he first addressed the classified material that turned up in a personal office, Biden said he was “surprised” by the discovery, that he was “cooperating fully” with pertinent legal authorities, and that he doesn’t “know what’s in the documents.” His lawyers, the president explained, had suggested he not inquire about their contents.
  • He also doesn’t know, and does not want to know, what was in the classified documents that were later recovered from his Delaware home – in the garage by his treasured Corvette, and in a “room adjacent” to the garage.
  • Well, why? “Because we’re trying to do this by the book,” White House press secretary Karine Jean-Pierre told RealClearPolitics. “We’re trying to do this in the appropriate way.”