Biden Is Coming After Your Lightbulbs — Again

The Biden administration, which banned the incandescent lightbulb last year, is going after LED bulbs, demanding “a significant leap” in energy efficiency that will nearly double the price of the bulbs and eliminate lighting choices for consumers.

Half of U.S. households use LEDs or light-emitting diode bulbs. The number of households relying on LED lighting is set to increase now that the Biden administration has banned incandescent bulbs and is phasing out the pig-tailed compact fluorescent lightbulbs that cost less than LEDs but contain mercury.

The Department of Energy, however, isn’t done with wringing as much energy savings as it can out of the remaining bulbs left on the market and has set new standards that industry experts say will be tough to meet.

The department announced recently that beginning in July of 2028, LED bulbs would have to nearly triple the lumens they must achieve per watt from the current 45 lumens to 120 lumens.

Officials at DOE said the move will save energy and reduce the nation’s carbon emissions, a top priority for President Biden.

The DOE calculates that over 30 years, the more stringent LED standards will save Americans $27 billion on their utility bills and slash 70 million metric tons of carbon dioxide emissions, which is the equivalent of the combined annual emissions of more than 9 million homes.

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