Biden Killing Middle Class: ‘Net Worth Of Median Household Is Nothing, Basically’

'Net Worth Of Median Household Is Nothing, Basically'

  • Icahn Enterprises Chairman Carl Icahn:
  • “I think we have some major problems in our economy. Maybe they’ll be fixed, but just look at many, many factors.”
  • “We’ve been on a, you know, spending spree and, you know, the rising tide the tide lifts all ships, but a lot of people in our economy are not doing well obviously, you know, the net worth of the median household is nothing basically and you you just look at what is going on, I think Powell really has to raise interest rates sooner or later.”
  • “I can’t talk about next week or even next month but inflation is the worst thing an economy can have and I think people underrate that. If you look in history, every hegemony has been destroyed by inflation or almost everyone.”