Biden Plans To Use White House Setting To Address Trump Verdict: Report

President Joe Biden speaks from the Oval Office of the White House Thursday, Oct. 19, 2023, in Washington, about the war in Israel and Ukraine. (Jonathan Ernst/Pool via AP)

President Joe Biden reportedly plans to publicly address former President Donald Trump’s Manhattan trial verdict in a “White House setting,” following the jury’s decision.

According to multiple sources close to Biden who spoke to Politico, the president will address Trump’s legal issues to discuss the trial’s outcome. Biden’s intention to speak from the White House, rather than a campaign venue, in an attempt to frame his remarks as non-political.

Biden plans to address the public regardless of whether Trump is convicted, acquitted, or the jury is found unable to agree on a verdict.

The White House reportedly intends to portray to the American public, regardless of the trial outcome, that the legal system worked and the judicial process should be respected.

“This is an important moment and the president first and foremost needs to stress that the American system works, even and especially in an election year,” explained one of the anonymous sources that spoke to Politico. “And in a measured way, it becomes part of his argument against Trump too: Do Americans really want this?”

Should Trump be convicted, Biden plans to argue that this verdict demonstrates Trump’s unfitness for office. Biden’s campaign team is also preparing to launch social media posts attacking Trump, potentially labeling him as “Convicted Felon Donald Trump.”

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