Bill Maher Calls For ‘Media Blackout’ On School Shooters

  • “The other thing I’d like to say about this as we’re — the media — anxiously waiting on all this information about the shooter … how about we have a blackout on the shooters and what they did?” Maher began, to applause from the audience.
  • “You know, this is … Yesterday was the opening of the baseball season,” Maher continued, adding, “Now, in baseball, when somebody runs on the field, the camera doesn’t show it. They don’t give that person any publicity. Why can’t we at least do that in this country?”
  • “I don’t want to hear anything about it. We know it happened. I don’t want to know about — I don’t want to know what orientation this person is, how old they are, what their manifesto said. I don’t give a s*** about any of it, because it’s just going to inspire the next one because they all feed on each other,” he added.
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