At 78th Gala, Trump Says Biden ‘Providing Material Support For Terrorism’

At 78th Gala, Trump Says Biden 'Providing Material Support For Terrorism'

Republican presidential candidate former President Donald Trump gestures after speaking at his birthday celebration, hosted by Club 47, in West Palm Beach, Fla., Friday, June 14, 2024. (AP Photo/Gerald Herbert)

Former President Donald Trump leveled a wild claim against President Joe Biden as he marked his 78th birthday at a large-scale MAGA party in West Palm Beach Friday night.

‘So in additional to all of his other well-documented offenses, Crooked Joe Biden is now also guilty of providing material support for terrorism,’ Trump claimed.

Throughout the night he again and again went after 81-year-old Biden for problems at the border.

He pointed to the arrests of eight Tajik nationals this week with alleged ties to ISIS found in the American cities of Los Angeles, New York and Philadelphia.

“Just this week ICE has arrested not one, not two, but eight suspected terrorists at the highest level of terrorism,” the ex-president said.

He told the boisterous crowd – wearing red, white and blue for his Flag Day birthday that: “Our country has never been in danger like it’s in danger right now.

“We had a year, where they actually have down zero terrorists came in, if you look at 2019 – that was a Trump year – zero terrorists came in. Zero. I don’t know if I even believe that, but it was certainly a nice report.”

It wasn’t immediately clear what report he was referring too – but it was a rare moment that Trump commended the “fake news.”

Thousands of the ex-president’s faithful gathered at the Palm Beach County Convention Center to mark the big occassion – wearing a variety of red, white and blue outfits to salute Trump’s birthday coinciding with Flag Day.

The head of “Club 47” – South Florida’s large pro-Trump club – presented the presumptive GOP nominee with a six-tiered cake featuring a MAGA hat and scenes from the White House and the golf course.

The crowd sang Trump “Happy Birthday,” while he marveled in return, “This is the biggest birthday party I’ve ever had by far.”

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