Bono: ‘F*ck Che Guevara … Capitalism Can Be A Force For Good’

  • U2 lead singer Bono has had an epiphany: He’s come to the realization that the best way to help developing nations is through entrepreneurial capitalism, not redistribution of resources.
  • Bono began as a left-win activist, but over time came to understand the benefits of capitalism.
  • “I ended up as an activist in a very different place from where I started. I thought that if we just redistributed resources, then we could solve every problem. I now know that’s not true,” Bono explained.
  • “There’s a funny moment when you realize that as an activist: The off-ramp out of extreme poverty is, ugh, commerce, it’s entrepreneurial capitalism,” he added. “I spend a lot of time in countries all over Africa, and they’re like, Eh, we wouldn’t mind a little more globalization actually. I would point out that there has been a lot of progress over the years.”