Busiest Northern Border Sector See 550% Increase In Apprehensions

US-Canadian border
  • The busiest northern border sector saw a 550% increase in apprehensions in one fiscal year, according to new data.
  • Chief Border Patrol Agent Robert Garcia, who oversees the Swanton Sector, said Border Patrol agents saw “an astonishing 550% increase compared to last year by recording 6,925 apprehensions from 79 different countries between 10/01/2022 to 9/30/2023.”
  • In a social media post, Garcia said the overwhelming majority of foreign nationals illegally entering his sector from Canada were primarily Mexican nationals (49%). The next greatest number of people came from countries from all over the world (18%), followed by Indians (14%), Venezuelans (10%), Haitians (5%), and Romanians (4%).