But Adams Handing Out $10,000 Gift Cards To Illegal Border Crossers

A pregnant woman and children who left the Row Hotel walk past the belongings of other immigrants, Tuesday, Jan. 9, 2024, in New York. (AP Photo/Mary Altaffer)

New York City Mayor Adams has initiated a controversial migrant aid program involving prepaid cash cards.

Unlike past announcements, this initiative was not directly publicized by the mayor’s office, which has subsequently avoided correcting public misunderstandings regarding the scheme for weeks.

At the heart of debate is the belief that the city is allocating $50 million exclusively for migrant aid. This narrative, however, understates the program’s potential scale uncovered upon reviewing the detailed contract.

Experts have scrutinized the program’s lack of spending ceilings and absence of traditional safeguards. According to official documentation, eligible migrants could receive up to $10,000 per individual from this taxpayer-funded initiative. The process, critical voices argue, omits essential ID verification, fails to impose specific usage constraints, and does not incorporate preventative measures against fraudulent activities.

Mayor Adams has yet to openly discuss the nuances of the program that could arguably transform into an expansive reservoir of unaccountable funds.