But Phil’s Only 39% Accurate; Woody The Groundhog Says Spring

  • Pennsylvania isn’t the only place with a celebrity groundhog though. Michigan has their own rodent weather spokesperson named Woody the Woodchuck. Michigan’s official groundhog. Woody, who was announced as a female at today’s event, has been predicting weather in Michigan for 25 years.
  • At 8:30 a.m. today at the Howell Nature Center, a countdown commenced and then the door to her stump was opened. Woody came out to look at the crowd, mostly kids, and cameras could be heard clicking from all directions during her appearance as she slowly looked around. About 30 seconds into her arrival, she hadn’t seen her shadow and one of the event announcers said, “looks like we’ve got spring!”
  • Without a scientific basis to back up the predictions of either Phil or Woody, chances are that most people will just pick the weather prediction that makes them the most happy.