CA Dems Wage Disinformation Battle Over Abortion Ballot Measure

  • A California ballot measure that would add an explicit right to abortion in the state’s constitution has become the subject of misleading claims by Democrats.
  • Proposition 1 supporters claim the measure wouldn’t result in late-term abortions beyond the point of viability, but the text of the measure and a government-controlled voter guide undercut those claims.
  • “Where Prop 1 politicians are held legally accountable, they have repeatedly refused to comment on the viability question or, in the case of Dr. Gupta, have outright admitted that Prop 1 intentionally removes the viability standard,” the No on Prop. 1 campaign said in a statement. “In forums where they are not held legally accountable, misleading or completely false talking points are presented as assurances that Prop 1 would not expand late-term abortions in this state.”
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