Mom Who Watched Powerful ‘Narcissist’ Mow Down Her Sons Makes Promise

The mother of two California boys who were killed by a rich and powerful socialite who blew through a crosswalk in a speeding Mercedes has vowed to confront the convicted murderer in prison in the hope that she will someday show remorse after what critics call a lenient sentence of 15 years to life in prison.

“My plan is to give her a visit in prison, in a few months or maybe a year, and I will ask her that question directly,” said Nancy Iskander, the mother of 8-year-old Jacob and 11-year-old Mark. “I will say, ‘Are you able to say, “I am sorry I killed them?”’ This will allow me to forgive, because I need to get through what she’s done.”

Iskander was forced to dive to safety with her youngest son, Zachary, who was 5 at the time, when Rebecca Grossman, a 60-year-old co-founder of a prominent burn center and a wealthy Los Angeles philanthropist, sped toward them at more than 80 mph.

The mother and surviving son watched in horror as Grossman slammed into Mark and Jacob at an estimated 81 mph. Then she fled the scene.

Grossman, who prosecutors described as a “completely self-serving” narcissist, was convicted of two counts of second-degree murder and fleeing the scene of an accident for the Sept. 29, 2020, crash, but not without a number of dramatic curveballs in the case.

“She has lived a life of privilege and clearly felt that her wealth and notoriety would buy her freedom,” prosecutors wrote to the court while requesting the maximum allowable sentence of 34 years to life in prison.

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