Debt Ceiling Restart Today As Biden, McCarthy Put Their Futures On The Line In New Talks

Biden Presidency, McCarthy's Speakership On The Line

  • Joe Biden’s presidency and Rep. Kevin McCarthy’s speakership are on the line as the two try to restart debt ceiling talks today.
  • Fox’s Chad Pergram lays it all out and what it means to you. He goes over the process and suggests that getting a deal done by June 1 is a now or never proposition.
  • “Let’s just say there is a deal by Tuesday. It likely takes until Thursday to get the legislative text into form. McCarthy insists he will adhere to the House’s ’72 hour rule.’ That allows Members to study and consider the bill. It also means the House may not even debate and vote on the bill until the coming weekend.”
  • But there are others who say the debt ceiling isn’t busted until June. 8, so let’s see.


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