Carnival Cruises Feature SpaceX Starlink Internet On Entire Fleet

The world’s largest cruise company, Carnival Corporation, announced Tuesday that all of its ships are now set up for internet service via SpaceX’s Starlink.

Carnival said in a press release that the completed installation of the satellite technology “enhances” the experience of guests and crew alike on its global fleet of 90-plus ships that visit more than 800 ports worldwide, offering “een faster service, greater capacity, and more reliable Wi-Fi.”

The upgrade is expected to be on par with typical “on-land” connections, making it seem as though guests aren’t even at sea, allowing people on board to share pictures, stream video, and even work remotely.

“Starlink has been a game-changer for the onboard connectivity experience our cruise lines deliver to their guests, and we’ve already seen a surge in guest satisfaction and positive feedback from the super-fast and reliable Wi-Fi service we provide onboard,” Josh Weinstein, CEO of Carnival Corporation, said in a statement.

SpaceX CEO Elon Musk shared the news and his enthusiasm on his X social media platform, retweeted a post about the Carnival announcement and simply saying, “Cool.” 

Internet plans for Carnival cruises range from $15.30 per person, per day to $19.55 per person per day, according to its website. Guests save up to 15% when booked prior to sailing versus onboard pricing.

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