CBP Releases Bodycam Footage Of Fatal Border Incident

Layers of Constantinia are added to existing barrier infrastructure along the U.S. - Mexico border near Nogales, AZ, on February 4, 2019. Photo: Robert Bushell
  • U. S. Customs and Border Protection this week released body camera footage of a fatal incident in March of this year during which Border Patrol agents pursued a vehicle suspected of transporting illegal immigrants.
  • On March 14, 2023, agents pursued a BMW suspected of transporting undocumented migrants near Sasabe, Ariz., CBP confirmed. A chase ensued when the car failed to stop.
  • The body camera footage shows one agent approach the vehicle, break its windows with a baton, and attempt to secure the driver, who continues to try to move the car in an apparent attempt to break away. The agent draws his weapon and fires at the driver, killing him.