ChatGPT Diagnosis Saves Dog’s Life After Vets Couldn’t Pinpoint Ailment

ChatGPT will do some good before it destroys us all!

  • One man posted on Twitter that ChatGPT saved his dog’s life with a correct diagnosis after vets couldn’t figure out the problem.
  • Twitter user @peakcooper who goes by Cooper on the platform, wrote that his dog was diagnosed with a tick-borne disease and started treatment for it, but his Border Collie Sassy’s health just got worse.
  • After the man and his vet were stumped, ChatGPT4 suggested that the blood work and test results could be due to different underlying conditions and could be suffering from immune-mediated hemolytic anemia (IMHA). Once at the second vet, Cooper asked if it could be IMHA, and after many tests, the doctor confirmed that ChatGPT4 was correct.
  • Sassy made a full recovery!