Christian School Bans Mom From Dropping Off Kids With Her OnlyFans Ad

In central Florida, a mother has been barred from dropping off her children at a Christian private school due to a conspicuous advertisement on her car promoting her OnlyFans account. Michelle Cline, a parent at Liberty Christian Prep school in Tavares, revealed that the school instructed her to either park across the street or remove the explicit advertisement.

Lexy Thomas, another parent at the school, expressed concerns about the impact of such content on her children, stating, “That’s a distraction to my children, and no matter how poorly or how good I parent, porn is there, and that’s kind of the first thing they’re seeing when they’re going into a place that should be educating them.”

Cline acknowledged that the advertisement is linked to explicit adult content related to her and her husband’s private lifestyle, which they have chosen to share publicly. She emphasized that the explicit nature of the content is the reason behind the school’s decision.

The size of the advertisement is also a point of contention among parents. Thomas highlighted, “It’s not just a tiny little emblem on the back of a car; it is taking up the entire windshield.”

Following complaints from several parents, the school issued an ultimatum to Cline, giving her the choice to either remove the ad or park offsite. Despite the school’s stance, Cline has refused to take down the advertisement, citing that her OnlyFans account supports her family and provides a comfortable lifestyle. She emphasized the legality of her activities and stated that she pays taxes like any other citizen, expressing that she has not broken any laws but has offended people.

Cline, a mother of three, disclosed that her OnlyFans account generates approximately $20,000 per month. In response to the situation, she suggested that the Christian school should take responsibility for ensuring the children’s safe crossing of the busy street if they insist on her parking offsite.