Christmas Kitchen Counter Cowboy Sex Gets A Green Light From ‘Lifetime’

  • A Lifetime executive is gushing over the studio’s first Christmas movie sex scene, in A Cowboy Christmas Romance, claiming there’s an audience that’s “hungry for grown-up romance.”
  • During a recent interview on iHeartRadio’s Whine Down podcast with Sarah Drew, who wrote the movie, Kramer said, “Spoiler alert — he lays me down on some hay, and then we, you know.”
  • “Obviously, it’s still Lifetime, it’s still family. But it was pushing limits there, too,” the actress added. “They didn’t cut anything. I was so happy that they really left it all in there.”
  • Drew added that “It all came out so beautifully, but especially the scene in the kitchen. I had written into the stage directions, ‘He pulls her up onto the counter, he shoves things off the table.’”