CIA’s Secret Office Has Conducted UFO Retrieval Missions At 9 Crash Sites Worldwide: Report

  • The Office of Global Access (OGA) – a wing of the CIA – has played a central role in collecting alien spacecraft since 2003, sources tell
  • At least nine ‘non-human craft’ have been recovered by the US government – some wrecked from a crash, and two completely intact
  • The CIA has a ‘system in place that can discern UFOs while they’re still cloaked’ and  special military units are sent to salvage the wreckage, sources said

According to anonymous sources, a covert division within the CIA, known as the Office of Global Access (OGA), has purportedly been involved in a series of operations to retrieve unidentified flying objects (UFOs) that have crashed around the world.

These sources claim that, over the span of several decades, the US government has recovered a total of nine suspected non-human aircraft, ranging from partially damaged wreckage to fully intact crafts.

The OGA, which operates under the CIA’s Science and Technology Directorate, allegedly took charge of these clandestine operations in 2003. The identities of the sources have been withheld for fear of retaliation, but they claim to have received briefings from insiders involved in these extraordinary UFO recovery missions.

While these assertions may sound like a work of science fiction, they contribute to a mounting body of evidence suggesting that the US government may indeed possess advanced technologies of extraterrestrial origin.

Adding to the intrigue, Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer recently sponsored a bill, which has been passed in the Senate, aimed at disclosing classified information pertaining to “recovered technologies of unknown origin and biological evidence of non-human intelligence.”

Our sources shed light on the alleged coordination efforts executed by the CIA in securing and safeguarding these purported crashed or landed UFOs. The true extent of what lies behind this covert initiative continues to remain shrouded in secrecy.