Cities Touting Expensive ‘All-Electric’ Fire Trucks, But They Have Diesel Engines

fire truck via Flickr, ajhd

When Albuquerque announced plans to acquire a new fire engine, New Mexico’s governor lauded the “zero emissions” technology while a fire department spokesman called it “all electric” and KRQE 13 gushed about the “fully electric” fire truck.

San Diego’s NBC 7 reported on what it called that city’s first “all electric fire apparatus.” When the electric fire engine debuted in Portland, NBC’s KGW 8 quoted a fire department spokesman lauding the “monumental” “zero emissions” vehicle.

Viewers could be forgiven for thinking that the new fire trucks were all electric and zero emissions. They’d be wrong. All the fire trucks also have a diesel engine and a tailpipe releases those “cancer-causing particulates.”