Climate Change Protesters Seek To Shut Down Congressional Baseball Game

Capitol Hill

Climate change protesters are hoping to “shut down” the annual Congressional Baseball Game on Wednesday night.

Youth-led activist group Climate Defiance plans to protest at the north gate of Nationals Park and “shut” the game down, Evan Drukker-Schardl, an organizer for the group, told The Hill.

“This game is an important kind of illustration of what’s wrong with our politics and our political elite that’s destroying our planet,” Drukker-Schardl said. “We’re not going to let this celebration of corporate political corruption go unchallenged.”

The organization, established in March 2023, also led a plan to blockade the White House Correspondents’ Dinner nearly two months ago.

The challenge also comes nearly two years after another group led a protest at the game in 2022, which took place amidst Senate negotiations over climate provisions in the Inflation Reduction Act.

That protest, organized by Now or Never, did not appear to affect the game, which instead suffered a 30-minute delay in the fourth inning due to rain. At least three individuals were, however, arrested for unlawful entry after blocking one of the park entrances.

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