‘Clueless F*ckng Idiots!’ Cybertruck Owners Mocked As Vehicle Issues Mount Up

A man who bought Tesla‘s most expensive Cybertruck had to pull over after 35 miles due to a coolant leak, he claimed.

He later discovered that his vehicle, a $119,990 ‘CyberBeast’, was not covered under a coolant leak warranty.

Posting on X, Jason Jones told the Cybertruck Owners Club forum: “The other thing that really frustrates me… is, when I picked it up, […] the truck was very dirty outside and [had] issues inside.

“Charge was 47 percent… I’ve never picked up a new car without a full tank of gas. WTF Tesla?”

On the coolant leak, he said: “While supercharging, coolant started pouring out of the rear of the truck.”

He then ranted about the customer service, saying: “No delivery experience at all. They said ‘It’s over there, let me know if you have any questions.”

Despite the apparent issues with the vehicle, Reuters reported that Tesla has intentionally blamed thousands of customers for known faults with its cars.

When Jason’s post about his leak went viral, he eventually got help: “Tesla went above and beyond to fix my truck today and get it back to me this afternoon. Very happy.

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