CNBC’s Cramer Calls For Covid-19 Vaccine ‘Propagandist’

  • CNBC’s Jim Cramer makes his living saying outrageous things – sort of like the Stephen A. Smith of the financial media.
  • But Cramer left his “Squawk on the Street” panelists shocked Tuesday when he appeared to endorse a Covid-19 vaccine “propagandist.”
  • “What is even better is homegrown mRNA, which I’m told they managed to get the intellectual property, stole it, which is good, and I say good because it’s better to have mRNA than not. Let’s just day they appropriated it. What do you do if you tell people the way to beat it is no vaccine and now you have a vaccine? So I think what you need is a propagandist,” Cramer said, stunning his co-hosts.