Alleged Pelosi Attacker’s Daughter: ‘Monster In Him Always Too Strong’

  • The daughter of David DePape, who is accused of attacking Paul Pelosi, claims that DePape abused her and her two brothers.
  • Inti Gonzalez said that her mother was pregnant with her when she met DePape on Maui. Though DePape isn’t her birth father, she came to regard him as such, and they lived together as a family in the Bay Area.
  • Gonzalez said her mother kicked DePape out of the house when Gonzalez was 13 because of his “toxic” behavior.
  • Soon after that, Gonzalez said her brother Nebosvod began to have vision of DePape “physically and sexually abusing me and my brothers, which started when we were very young and continued until around 2008, when [Gonzalez] was 7.”
  • In a blog post written after the attack on Pelosi, Gonzalez said, “I love my father.” But she added, the attack was “not much” of a shock “considering the kind of extreme abuse he had inflicted on me and my brothers.”