Cramer Signals Bull Market, Stop ‘Shadowboxing’ With Recession Threat

  • Investors would be wise to stop “shadowboxing with a recession that might never even come,” CNBC’s Jim Cramer said Monday, or they run the risk of missing out on a burgeoning bull market that has been in swing since fall 2022.
  • Positive numbers have been consistently disregarded by commentators because of the constant worries about a recession, Cramer said, causing investors to “miss out on moves to the upside.” Cramer pointed to strong numbers from last week, where major banks Wells Fargo, Citigroup and JP Morgan reported strong quarters.
  • But despite the generally positive results, Cramer said, commentators are inclined to dismiss them as a precursor to continued weakness. That’s a bad lens to view the market through, Cramer argued, because the numbers show that consistent rate hikes have actually done their work, with an engineered slowdown where inflation outpaces economic dampening.
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