‘Crystal Meth And Alligators!’ Far-Left MSNBC Host Bashes DeSantis’ Florida

This MSNBC host has some...interesting ideas about Florida!

  • MSNBC guest host Jason Johnson said Tuesday on “The ReidOut” that Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) will be hurt by Florida’s “crystal meth and alligator” reputation if he runs for president.
  • “In my view, there are three states that you can’t really run from if you’re trying to win across America. You run from New York. You’re too crazy. You’re a liberal. You run from California, you’re too crazy, you’re liberal, and you’re trying to make sure I can’t get plastic straws. You run from Florida. It’s all crystal meth and alligators, right? I mean, that’s what people think,” he said.
  • “So, when you see Ron Desantis running and claiming that he’s going do for America what he’s done in Florida, it seems like that’d be a problem,” he continued.
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