D.C. Grandma Fights Off Carjacker

More than 85 carjackings have taken place since Jan. 1 in Washington, D.C.

  • A woman in Southeast Washington, known as “Grandma” by her neighbors, was driving to a chemotherapy appointment when a 15-year-old male confronted her and said “give me your keys” and “I got a gun.”
  • “He pushed me to the door and I got up and I grabbed him and was hitting his ass, and hitting him, and fighting him, and I said ‘You not going to take my car, youngin,'” Grandma recounted.
  • Thankfully, Grandma got away with little more than a scar, but the carjacker “left the scene in an ambulance” after Grandma and her neighbors who had come to help were done with him.