Daily Wire Dominates Q4 Podcasting With 7 Shows In Top 20

  • The Daily Wire’s podcast network dominated  right wing podcasting in 2022’s fourth quarter, according to year-over-year (YOY) data analyzed by TheRighting on the podcast app Castbox.
  • The Daily Wire, a media company co-founded by Ben Shapiro in 2015,  had three of the fastest-growing right wing podcasts by percentage growth in Q4: “The Morning Wire,” which had the largest YOY percentage increase in the quarter; “Candace,” with Candace Owens; and “The Matt Walsh Show.”
  • The Daily Wire also had the top two podcasts by number of subscribers, “The Ben Shapiro Show” (511,586) and “The Jordan B. Peterson Podcast” (378,542).  Shapiro’s podcast also generated 59,564 new subscribers in Q4 2022, far exceeding any other conservative podcast.