Daughter Secretly Donates Kidney To Ailing Father: ‘Don’t Care How Mad He Is’

Dr. Dilan Ellegala, left, supervises Dr. Emmanuel Nuwas of Tanzania as he inserts a shunt in a baby with hydrocephalus. Ellegala has played a key role in training local doctors, as described in the new book A Surgeon in the Village. Early on, he trained a hospital staffer who wasn't a doctor to do brain surgery
  • A Missouri daughter gave her old man the shock of a lifetime when she defied him and secretly donated her kidney to him.
  • John Ivanowski, who suffers from a form of kidney disease, relied on a dialysis machine every couple of days for about five hours each time. While daughter Delayne, 25, urged him to let her donate her organ to improve his health and quality of life, he kept saying no, according to reports.
  • “I’m like, ‘You’re too young, you’ve got a long time to be here and my time’s limited’,” the stubborn 60-year-old father told KMOV.