Democrat Sec Of State Says Officials Worried About Election Day ‘Violence’

Michigan Secretary of State Jocelyn Benson said Sunday election officials nationwide are most worried about "violence and disruption" as Nov. 8 nears.

  • “Violence and disruption on Election Day, first and foremost, and in the days surrounding the election,” Benson said on CBS “Face the Nation.”
  • She said also are concerned about spread of misinformation which … “fuels the potential for additional threats, harassment and even violence.”
  • Still, Benson said election officials have been working for roughly two years to protect the integrity of the election process, an effort she described as a success “at every turn,” vowing to seek accountability for anyone who attempts to interfere with November’s midterm contests.
  • “Democracy prevailed in 2020,” she also said. told Garrett. “There have been, in Michigan and in other states, no significant attempts apart from the tragedy in our Capitol on Jan. 6 to really see disruption of the polling places on Election Day itself.”