Democrat Sec Of State Says Officials Worried About Election Day ‘Violence’

  • “Violence and disruption on Election Day, first and foremost, and in the days surrounding the election,” Benson said on CBS “Face the Nation.”
  • She said also are concerned about spread of misinformation which … “fuels the potential for additional threats, harassment and even violence.”
  • Still, Benson said election officials have been working for roughly two years to protect the integrity of the election process, an effort she described as a success “at every turn,” vowing to seek accountability for anyone who attempts to interfere with November’s midterm contests.
  • “Democracy prevailed in 2020,” she also said. told Garrett. “There have been, in Michigan and in other states, no significant attempts apart from the tragedy in our Capitol on Jan. 6 to really see disruption of the polling places on Election Day itself.”
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