Derek Jeter Reveals Extreme (Fashion) Lengths He Went To In Effort To Break Hitting Slump

  • Jeter said that he initially thought Giambi was a little crazy — but when the 2004 slump hit, every day he walked into the locker room, Giambi would point at the thing — which he kept hanging in his locker at all times.
  • After 32 games without a hit, Jeter said he’d been willing to try just about anything: “So finally, I wore the thong. Now it wasn’t thong to skin; I had shorts on underneath, so I put the thong over the shorts: first pitch, home run.”
  • Giambi confirmed Jeter’s story during a 2015 appearance with ESPN’s Dan Le Batard, saying that he wasn’t entirely sure whether Jeter had asked for the thong or someone had put it into his locker prior to the April 29 game.