DeSantis Set To Reveal New Crackdown On Disney After Coup

Looks like DeSantis has more tricks up his sleeve!

  • On Monday, Ron DeSantis will unveil new measures against Disney after it tried to kneecap his oversight of its self-governance power in the Sunshine State, according to the New York Post.
  • “What they tried to do is an embarrassment,” a senior administration source told The Post. “The narrative the left is spinning is that Gov. DeSantis was outmaneuvered. But this is far from over, and he’s going to have the last laugh.”
  • DeSantis, 44, is set to announce plans by the state Legislature to void a controversial move by Disney that effectively stripped the governor’s newly installed oversight board of authority, sources said. “They got used to doing whatever they wanted for far too long. Not this time. He’s not afraid of a fight on this,” the source told The Post.