Nunes Claims Schiff Sought Nude Photos Of Trump From Russians

  • Trump Media & Technology Group CEO Devin Nunes claimed CA Dem. Rep. Adam Schiff tried to solicit nude photos of Trump in a stunning interview with Fox News.
  • “It was Adam Schiff caught on tape, reaching out to Russians to actually try to get nude pictures of Trump. I mean, I laugh because it was so ludicrous. But here you have a guy saying that he had information of people trying to get information from Russians? He was getting information from Russians,” Nunes said on Fox News.
  • However, the claims may be false. “In 2018, Schiff was the butt of a prank phone call by two Russian radio hosts both posing as the speaker of Ukraine’s parliament. During the call, they claimed Trump had an affair with a Russian singer in 2013,” reported Mediaite.
  • The pranksters said there were naked photos of Trump, to which Schiff replied he would “welcome the chance” to get copies.
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