Disabled Veteran And Paralympian Asked For A Wheelchair Ramp — Canada’s VA Offered To Help Her Commit Suicide Instead

  • “With respect to me, I have a letter in my file, because I had to face that as well,” Gauthier said. “I have a letter saying that if you’re so desperate, madam, we can offer you MAID, medical assistance in dying.”
  • The paralympian, who first injured her back in 1989 during a training exercise, said that she was so concerned about the response that she sent a letter to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau: “I sent a letter to Prime Minister Trudeau and that they [Veterans Affairs] offered me MAID and would supply equipment.”
  • Trudeau called the alleged response “absolutely unacceptable” and added, “We are following up with investigations and we are changing protocols to ensure what should seem obvious to all of us: that it is not the place of Veterans Affairs Canada, who are supposed to be there to support those people who stepped up to serve their country, to offer them medical assistance in dying.”