Disney’s Bob Iger Throws Black Female ‘Marvels’ Director Under The Bus

Brie Larson In 'The Marvels'
  • Bob Iger is in damage-control mode. Again.
  • Disney’s past and present CEO is trying to repair the damage done to the iconic American company while explaining away the Mouse House’s recent failures.
  • It’s a tough mission even for a seasoned executive like Iger, and some of his proclamations leave more questions than answers.
  • Iger has vowed to “quiet” the company’s culture war measures and, more recently, downplay the studio’s left-leaning messages on screen. Meanwhile, he’s yanked advertising from X due to Elon Musk’s alleged anti-semitism, a false narrative pushed by the Left.
  • He’s also trying to explain why “The Marvels,” part of the wildly popular MCU (Marvel Cinematic Universe) stumbled so badly at the box office last month.